By Tanner Stransky
Updated March 18, 2009 at 08:11 PM EDT
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A glorious day has arrived, PopWatchers: Designing Women is finally coming to DVD. Shout! Factory announced yesterday that it’ll release the 21 episodes of the first season — with an extra reunion special featuring stars Delta Burke, Dixie Carter, Annie Potts, Jean Smart, as well as series creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason — on May 26. Until now you’d only been able to catch the fabulous interior decorating fivesome from the late ’80s/early ’90s in reruns. (Yes, we’re counting Anthony Bouvier as one of the five. Bernice, not so much.) In honor of this amazing news, I’m offering up three reasons you should be excited:

1. Amazing one-liners! Like this withering remark Julia (Carter) lobbed at her sister Suzanne (Burke): “Suzanne, if sex were fast food, there’d be an arch over your bed!”

2. The camaraderie of the ladies (and Anthony). In the tradition of The Golden Girls (which began its long run the year before Designing Women), the Southern-set hit portrayed a tight-knit group of friends/coworkers like no other. Nursing a breakup? Having a pity party? Needing a friend? Your pals at Sugarbaker Designs are like laugh therapy.

3. The classic scene where Julia Sugarbaker defends her sassed-out, former beauty queen sister Suzanne is included! You’ve been able to catch Julia’s genius monologue on YouTube for years, but now you can watch the explosivity and marvel at her amazing “the night the lights went out in Georgia” speech on your TV. It’s in episode two, y’all.

Share your love for Designing Women, PopWatchers: Why are you excited about owning the first season on DVD? What’s your favorite one-liner? Who’s your favorite character? What’s your favorite episode?

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