By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated March 17, 2009 at 08:39 PM EDT
Credit: Eike Schroter/ABC Family

ABC Family’s Kyle XYstared his last blank stare, breathed his last bellybutton-less breath, levitated his last syringe full of bacterial growth from an old cup. (More on that in a minute.) The series about the supersmart, superpowered cutie taken in by the Trager family signed off for good last night, canceled after three seasons. And we must admit we’ll miss the dreamy sci-fi teen. Here, a few reasons to mourn Kyle XY‘s passing:

#1: Its starring role in ABC Family history.
Yes, the teen-focused net only recently launched itself into the grownup big leagues of cable with Molly Ringwald-starring Secret Life of the American Teenager. But without Kyle — and that brilliant shot-of-navel-less-torso marketing campaign a few summers ago — ABC Family was just the home of guilty pleasure movies starring washed-up actors. Nothing wrong with that — we still tune in for those, too — but we can thank Kyle for fully realized series like Greek, Lincoln Heights, and the all-too-short Middleman.

#2: Matt Dallas.
Stare into those blue fonts of bliss he calls eyes, admire those pillowy lips — add in that he’s a super-sweet soul who can act — and don’t tell me ABC can’t find some new pilot in which to cast him. In fact, I’m psyched by the prospect of seeing him in a role that doesn’t require blank innocence — let him grow some scruff and be a bad boy already.

#3: Its down-to-earth teen drama.
We were supposed to be all wrapped up in Kyle’s otherworldly origins — turned out his lack of bellybutton, his overdeveloped brain, his lack of social smarts, and his fledgling powers of flight/levitation/etc. all resulted from being “gestated” in a pod for 17 years. Then there was this evil Madacorp organization that was after him, and this Latnok group that, as we learned in the finale, was trying to make a bunch of Kyle clones (that bacteria-filled syringe was supposed to kill the life-giving fluid that would help make them). Whatever. The show’s real strength lay in its regular-kid stuff: Kyle’s adopted sister Lori (April Matson) having a “revirginization” ceremony after she and Declan (Chris Olivero) broke up for the millionth time, adopted brother Josh (Jean-Luc Bilodeau, who matured into more than just a wisecracking kid) struggling with his first girlfriend’s cancer treatment. Even Kyle himself benefitted from storylines that brought him back to reality, none moreso than his recently burgeoning relationship with fellow souped-up teen Jessi XX (Jaimie Alexander). When they kissed in the finale, it blew out a nearby light fixture — we wish we could’ve seen where that went. (What kind of damage would the inevitable virginity-loss scene do?) Which brings us to …

#4: That cliffhanger.
Alas, we’ll never see if Kyle kills Michael Cassidy — he was mid-choke when it ended — or if Cassidy’s really Kyle’s brother like he claims. We’ll never see an army of cute, blue-eyed Matt Dallases (if the cloning experiment were eventually successful). We’ll never see if Lori and Declan reunite or if Kyle’s first love, Amanda (Kirsten Prout), tells him she wants him back. But there was at least a small sense of resolution in what turned out to be the series finale: The whole Trager clan, now in on Kyle’s secret, worked together to help him foil Latnok. Declan and Lori were going on double dates and getting along nicely as friends. Josh was on his own after his girlfriend moved away. And best of all, Amanda and Jessi had put aside their differences to become an ass-kicking covert duo to help Kyle — without ever losing their wonderfully prickly rival energy. May we suggest a spinoff? Possibly that also involves Middleman‘s Wendy Watson (Natalie Morales)? We’re pushing it, aren’t we?

What do you think? Why will you miss Kyle XY? What would you like to see its stars go into next?

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