Credit: Bertrand Alary/Retna

When this week’s Billboard charts came out, some here at Music Mix headquarters were shocked to see Pearl Jam’s “Brother” in the top ten of both rock lists — #4 on Modern, #8 on Mainstream (where, thank god, Nickelback’s “Something in Your Mouth” still reigns supreme). Your Aunt Whittlz, on the other hand, was not shocked in the least: Pearl Jam has always sounded great on the radio, and “Brother” is vintage brew, the first song released from the upcoming Ten reissue.

The track is an outtake from those long-ago sessions, until now available only as a bootleg or in instrumental form on 2003’s Lost Dogs. But as of March 24, the fancy Brendan O’Brien remixed version can be yours, along with other bonus remixes like “State of Love and Trust” and the band’s never-before-officially-ownable MTV Unplugged show. Those wishing to get a jump on things can stream “Brother” and more on the PJ MySpace page, or play this very angry-making online game to unlock additional content. My Super Deluxe version is apparently waiting for me back in LA, because I am a very lucky girl. I have never wanted SXSW to end so quickly.

We’re trying to get a band member on the horn to discuss all this for ya, but meanwhile — what do you think, Mixers? Surprised at PJ’s newest chart success? Do you think all that airplay is more a testament to the quality of the track or the power of Eddie et. al.’s enduring sound? Might this old-school radio success equal old-school sales success for the reissue, too? And can you think of any other remixed outtakes that have hit the top ten?

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