By Jennifer Armstrong
March 16, 2009 at 10:40 PM EDT

I think Jennifer Aniston is swell — and as a truly funny, appealing lady, one of the best applicants we’ve got for the nebulous romantic-comedy queen gig left vacant years ago by Meg Ryan. But wow, is this new movie of hers, Management, the best a girl gets as a reward for having her entire life played out in gossip pages every day? The Devil clearly has the advantage in this deal. The basics: Management appears to star Aniston and Steve Zahn as mismatched would-be soul mates who meet cute when she, an art dealer, stays at the motel where he’s an underachieving assistant manager. But oops, she has a rich boyfriend played by Woody Harrelson and…well, that’s it. Oh, there’s also a running joke about how Zahn wants to touch her butt. Seriously.

Aside from all of the above egregiousness, this trailer also clearly demonstrates the three cardinal romantic comedy sins: (1) uptight woman meets loosey-goosey guy who gets her to LIGHTEN UP and LIVE IN THE MOMENT and probably LAUGH OUT LOUD and/or REMEMBER HER SPIRIT; (2) dude stalks love interest in such a way that any sane woman with normal boundaries in real life would call the police; and (3) script is neither romantic nor comedic.

What do you think? Am I being too hard on Management? Do you think it will be Aniston’s New in Town?