By Mandi Bierly
Updated August 04, 2020 at 12:48 PM EDT
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Confession: I am ridiculously excited for Lifetime’s 2009 Nora Roberts collection, which kicks off March 21 with Northern Lights, starring Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes. (He’s a Baltimore cop who escapes to Lunacy, Alaska, after his partner is killed; she’s a bush pilot (!) with her own demons and a dad that’s found dead.) I was doing a good job of hiding it, too, until I started passing this poster every morning on my commute. It’s like Lifetime placed it there just so I’d blog about it. On Friday, I gave in and stopped to take a photo of it for this post. The only person more embarrassed than me was the twentysomething who paused to stare at Cibrian and realized she was in my shot. Yeah. You’re busted.

If the Cibrian-Rimes pairing doesn’t do it for you, maybe one of these three will:

Midnight Bayou (March 28): Jerry O’Connell is a Harvard-educated lawyer (giggle) who heads to the Big Easy to buy a plantation manor he’s always found himself drawn to…because apparently he and a sexy New Orleans local (Grey’s Anatomy‘s Lauren Stamile) lived a past life there together. Or something. Note: I actually do like O’Connell. He doesn’t take himself too seriously to admit that he likes the music of Hanson. He’s all right with me.

High Noon (April 4): Oh, how I’ve wondered where Ivan Sergei has been. Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin is an expert hostage negotiator who becomes the target of a psychopathic killer. Sergei is the bar owner who woos her, and, I’m just guessing here, is at one point a suspect.

Tribute (April 11): JASON LEWIS ALERT! He’s Ford Sawyer (OMG) the handsome new neighbor to former child star (Brittany Murphy), who’s just bought her grandmother’s farmhouse in Virginia because her new passion is restoring old homes. She begins having dreams about her famous grandmother, who overdosed in the house three decades earlier — and Ford “ultimately comforts and protects her when her dark dreams and family secrets spiral into a real-life nightmare.” I don’t do Brittany Murphy, but as you can tell by the ALL CAPS above, I do do Jason Lewis. Count. Me. In.

Which ones will you be watching?


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