By Mandi Bierly
March 16, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

I never thought I’d type this sentence: It’s time to retire ABC Family’s Au Pair franchise. The first film, which premiered in 1999 and starred Gregory Harrison as a wealthy businessman who accidentally hires a young MBA (Heidi Saban) to be his kids’ nanny, then falls in love with her — is a true classic among ABC Family originals. The second film, which aired in 2001 and found Oliver (Harrison) and Jenny (Saban) trying to save a professional (and personal) merger amidst European sabotage, was enjoyable enough. The third movie, which debuted last night and took the couple on vacation with the fam to Puerto Rico, was a letdown. I mean, Harrison still looked great, and it was fun to see the kids — Alex (Jake Dinwiddie) and Katie (Katie Volding) all grown up — but who cared whether the CFO of Oliver’s company stopped funding his pet project (the development of an engine that runs on 100 percent water)? Or if Oliver let Alex go to art school instead of taking over the family business? Or if Jenny got to stay home with their infant daughter instead of returning to work (when she rarely seemed to hold the child anyway)? Or if Katie remained friends with Ariana (Kathleen Mealia, pictured far left), who it turns out her dad had hired to be her best friend/bodyguard at college?

Am I just getting too old to enjoy an Au Pair — say it isn’t so! Or did this movie disappoint you, too?

addCredit(“Bob D’Amico/ABC”)