By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated March 16, 2009 at 06:53 PM EDT
Everett Collection

Remember when MacGyver used to be a perfect little pop culture reference to pop into an otherwise ordinary situation? When saying “I totally MacGyvered my stalled car engine using lipgloss and Eclipse Polar Ice Sugar-Free Gum” was a whimsical, I’m-a-child-of-the-’80s way of saying you cleverly fixed your broken-down vehicle yourself? Yeah, well, the forces of Hollywood couldn’t possibly let that little corner of pop culture lie underexploited any longer. First, there was a “MacGruber” skit on Saturday Night Live, in which the title dude fails every time to stop a bomb from going off using rubber bands, chewing gum, etc. Fine, funny. Then there were many MacGruber skits on Saturday Night Live. And you know what? Still funny. Then MacGruber kinda stepped over the line and sold out, doing Pepsi ads during the Super Bowl. Now it was like 50 percent funny — at least they went self-aware and had him rename himself Pepsuber — and 50 percent too much. (If SNL isn’t sacred in this world, WHAT IS? Okay, you’re right, I remember the Night at the Roxbury movie, too.) Now that MacGyver is being made into a movie, though, we’re officially declaring this ’80s property overexposed circa 2009. The one truly shocking twist? That it isn’t NBC — recent king of ’80sploitation, as in the DOA Knight Rider revamp — doing the remaking this time. Though that hardly rules out a MacGruber movie …

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