March 14, 2009 at 08:40 PM EDT

I didn’t want to put a spoiler in the headline, so it was either “Ghost Whisperer: The episode we’ve been waiting for!” or “Ghost Whisperer: … Yay!”If you saw the promo for last night’s show in which David Conrad said “Why do you keep calling me Sam?,” you guessed that we were getting our Jim back. (Plus, it’s sweeps, which is probably why CBS’ promo department spoiler-ed itself.) I almost wish I hadn’t known. I bet my reaction would’ve been even stronger had I not been expecting it to be “the one.” I mean, I still experienced a strong desire to hug someone, which is pretty great. But I’ve could been jumping off the couch and doing a little “[Shake it to the left] Jim! Jim! [Shake it to the right] Jim! Jim!” dance. (I’d had a large, killer mango margarita with dinner. I was primed.)

How did you celebrate the return of Jim? I didn’t realize how much I missed the sweet, laid-back, wrap-you-in-a-blanket-of-love tone of voice Conrad reserved for that personality until I heard it again. (Watch the “Just call me Jim, Mel. It’s my name” clip after the jump.) What are you most looking forward to now that the couple is reunited? (I’m all about seeing Conrad wear those wifebeaters to bed again… and carrying around this major spoiler.) And was the resolution to the “Sim” storyline (that’s amnesiac Sam, with Jim’s soul inside him) dramatic enough for you? Sim’s “Leap of Faith” into the water filling the underground tunnels, where ghost Dr. Byrd told Eli Melinda was trapped after trying to save another “step-in,” did it for me. After watching his swim again, I think that Jim finally emerged in Sim when Sam’s body neared death (again), and that Jim’s life passed before his eyes when he realized that he’d been holding his breath for two minutes. That montage melted my jaded TV viewer heart. Or maybe it was just the shots of Conrad in a wet T-shirt. Either way… Yay!

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