March 13, 2009 at 09:36 PM EDT

Holy normalsauce, did I ever love this episode. These were my favorite lines (well, #4 is a gag), in order of appearance.

1. “Decorganizing”

2. “It has a ham button — you used my idea!”

3. The pamphlet Dr. Spaceman gave Jenna, “So You’re Simultaneously Doing a Movie and a TV Show!,” pictured Katherine Heigl, Frankie Muniz and Raven Simone

4. “I’m sorry, Miss Larouche Vanderhoot.”

5.  “Attention everyone! All menstruating women go home immediately!”

6. “Hey, is your vision steadily narrowing down to a pinpoint, as if the darkness is closing in on you?”
“No, ma’am!”

My only complaint: Where the fart is Pete? I miss Scott Adsit.

Okay, dropitlikeitsPopWatchers, can you be part of this jury, even though you’re a hologram?

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