March 13, 2009 at 05:00 PM EDT

March has arrived, and with it basketball madness, funky weather, and excuses to get drunk and eat green-colored things — the most delightful (and rare) of which is definitely the elusive vanilla-with-a-dash-of-mint Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s. I tried to buy one of the tasty green treats the other day, but was devastated when I got to the counter and asked for one, only to be met with a blank stare. My sister updated her Facebook status on March 1 with ”It’s officially Shamrock Shake season!” — then texted me, furious, when the three different McDonald’s she tried didn’t have them either. We’re not alone in this conundrum — people from NYC to San Francisco to Ireland have searched to no avail. You can make your own, but will it really be the same? No. The answer is no.

Which brings me to today’s site of the day: the bare bones, to-the-point Illustrated with animated GIFs and a couple of YouTube videos, the site doesn’t even have instructions. But I’ll spell it out for you. Go to site. Search by state. Locate shake. Or, if you’re me: Go to site. Search by state. Get abnormally upset that they’re not available in your area. But there’s good news, people of Shawnee, Kan., and Sabraton, W.Va., — Shamrock Shakes are readily available for you to consume. The data is user-compiled, so if you’ve enjoyed a Shamrock Shake this year, add your location to the list. The entries are pretty sparse, so it would be a little more helpful if people actually used it. Those of you who are hoarding the locations of delicious, minty shakes for your own benefit, I implore you: Share your whereabouts. Please. The drive-thru line might be a little longer tomorrow, but it’s one sacrifice for the good of many.

Is anyone else as obsessed with Shamrock Shakes as I am (besides my sister)? How hard are you judging me right now for caring so much about a dairy dessert? Have you fulfilled your Shamrock Shake quotient this March?

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