By Clark Collis
Updated March 13, 2009 at 04:00 PM EDT

If there’s one thing I really like, it’s sharp political satire. And if there’s one thing I like more than that, it’s swearing. So I can’t wait to see the movie In The Loop, a sharp political satire which, judging by this NSFW clip, drops enough F-bombs to make 1983’s Scarface look like, uh, 1932’s Scarface.

How do I know In The Loop is sharp? Well, the movie, which was well-received at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and will be released July 17, is a spin-off of the excellent U.K. sitcom The Thick of it. That show stars Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker, the foul-mouthed and much feared press coordinator of the British prime minister (Tucker is based on ex-PM Tony Blair’s real-life enforcer Alastair Campbell). For the big-screen version, Armando Iannucci (the show’s creator and the movie’s director) has expanded the cast to include the always brilliant British actress Gina McKee and James Gandolfini, who plays a general. But the dialogue remains familiarly expletive-strewn.

Okay, I’m British and a tad biased about this (I also think longtime media terrorist Iannucci is a bit of a genius). But PopWatchers of all nationalities must agree that, if nothing else, In The Loop promises to be the sweariest movie of the year. Don’t you f—ing agree?

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