By Tanner Stransky
March 13, 2009 at 11:17 PM EDT

Let’s be honest: No one missed Mischa Barton (left) when she exited Fox’s The O.C. in a tragic, fiery fashion back in 2006. The girl can hardly act and she talks funny, too. (Maybe it’s the fact that she grew up in London?) But this spring pilot season, there’d been much buzz about her possibly splashing back onto the TV scene — on The CW’s buzzy Melrose Place, no less. Which, truly, made the possibility of what’s sure to be another heinous remake totally awesome. Because, we watch — okay, maybe it’s just me — someone like Mischa Barton explicitly for total trainwreck factor: How ridiculous is she going to be? Can she actually shed a real tear? Is it possible that she could purse her lips any further? There is little else that is redeeming about her besides answering these queries while watching her on screen. [Ed. note: There was that one time Marissa wore a sweatshirt in season 3. –Annie]

But now, just as the news comes out that Barton’s been cast in a different CW pilot, A Beautiful Life, I couldn’t care less. (Total zzzzz.) Why? Because I’ve just recently moved on to another beast on The CW: The delectable, delightful, delovely AnnaLynne McCord (right). The diva rules all the beeyotches over at 90210 and is approximately 10 times more beastly than Mischa Barton ever was.


addCredit(“Barton: Chris Jackson/Getty Image; McCord: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic”)

Let me explain: AnnaLynne McCord is awesome basically for her out-of-control nature on 90210:If her Naomi character isn’t lounging around the pool at her hotelresidence (yes, she lives in a hotel!) or sending bottles of champagneto underage bartenders or making out with boys as they press up againsta locker, she’s doing something even more heinous — like yelling ather equally as terrible mother. And then, there are these more personalreasons to obsess over AnnaLynne McCord, too: She loves bananas. She knows how to work angles when she gets in car wrecks. Hell, she wears ugly tights with flip flops! (Props to for all the awesome AnnaLynne coverage.)

I’ve seen the next new episode of 90210 (which airs March31), and it is BEYOND. In the best way ever. I can’t go into too manydetails (don’t want to spoil it!), but let’s just say it includes atoo-too long (and too-too awesome) makeout sesh (which also includes –yes! — a banana), a drag racing sequence, and a broken car window. AndAnnaLynne McCord, of course!

So, PopWatchers, are you infatuated with AnnaLynne too? Are you still watching her terrorize 90210? And burning question: Who is beastlier — Mischa Barton or AnnaLynne McCord?

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