By Lynette Rice
Updated March 13, 2009 at 04:25 AM EDT

If the news reports are true, tonight’s the night that George Clooney’s Doug Ross will make his much-anticipated return to ER with –- we’re hoping — his beloved Carol (Julianna Margulies) intow. Unlike the last time Clooney made a surprise appearance -– when the entire episode was shot in secret -– fans have been given lots ofnot-so-subtle clues this season that hot boy could show up any day now. Heck, it’s not like executive producer David Zabel tried to hide the fact; hetold EW last year that he planned to court the vets like Clooney, Margulies, and Anthony Edwards to return for the show’s final season.Talk about an anticlimactic moment.

But will any of this spoil myenjoyment of tonight’s not-to-be-missed episode? Heck no! I was giddy whenClooney showed up in 2000 to reunite with Carol, and I’m sure my goose bumps willreturn if and when Clooney appears in those yummy scrubs. I just pray he hasdeeper dialogue than “give me a CBC” or “a TBD” and instead talks longinglyabout the old days when he used to beat up child abusers in the E.R. Might we berewarded with a little gurney-based hibity-dibity with Carol, even? Can a girldream? What are you hoping from the Clooney comeback?

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