The Rock on ''SNL,'' Kelly Clarkson, and Ashlee Simpson made pop culture news this week

By EW Staff
March 13, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

· Our new favorite Saturday Night Live presidential impersonator: The Rock Obama!
· Wanting to hook up with Kelly Clarkson‘s second single, ”I Do Not Hook Up”
· Bullseye shows rare moment of sentiment and wishes Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman could work things out
· Monsters vs. Aliens star Reese Witherspoon looks like neither in an amazing dress
· After sporting a Vince Neil ‘do for years, Carrie Underwood finally covers Mötley Crüe. Surprisingly, we don’t cover our ears
· Dance track of the week: Beyoncé ”Diva” (Maurice Joshua Extended Mojo Remix)

· Dr. Manhattan‘s big blue wang: too much or no big deal?
· Introducing Bravo’s newest potential train wreck: Singer-songwriter Kandi Burruss joins The Real Housewives of Atlanta
· The pretty Trump offspring: Ivanka
· The pretty yucky Trump offspring: Donald Jr.
· Amazing Race contestants fail to identify Chekhov. Russian-U.S. relations at lowest point since Ivan Drago killed Apollo in Rocky IV
· U2 overexposure
· Fearing Facebook‘s latest redesign

· Oprah in a Snuggie
· The movie Ghost is being turned into a stage musical. Lyricists grapple for words that rhyme with pottery
· The Bachelor‘s Melissa: You were just humiliated in front of 17 million people. Maybe you shouldn’t volunteer to be humiliated in front of another 23 million people. In sequins
· New Melrose Place casts Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Were producers impressed with her lip-synching or her fine work on 7th Heaven?