March 13, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Another month, another Friday the 13th, another batch of scary remakes on tap. Man, those movie-marketing/distribution wizards are predictable! This weekend, multiplex visitors will get to choose from the creepy paranormal-kid “reimagining” Race to Witch Mountain and the bona fide horror update The Last House on the Left. The former has the edge, I say, but let’s not forget about Watchmen, which opened to frighteningly, uh, moderate numbers of its own last time around.

1. Race to Witch Mountain — $28 million
Okay, perhaps Disney’s new family film, starring Dwayne Johnson, isn’t such a shock-fest. It’s just that I remember watching the original Escape to Witch Mountain (featuring Green Acres‘ Eddie Albert!) when I was a kid, and being totally freaked-the-F-out by it. I dunno why. Maybe it’s because I was four years old. Anyway, regardless, this take on that not-quite-classic movie should wind up in the winner’s circle, thanks to solid star power and broad appeal opposite a bunch of R-rated fare. The Pacifier — another family flick featuring that other burly guy, Vin Diesel — opened to $30.6 mil at this time of year in 2005, so expect a gross in the same neighborhood.

2. Watchmen — $21 million
Besides coming in $15 mil-$20 mil below expectations, Zack Snyder’s superhero adaptation lost a lot of steam following its strong debut last Friday. Its mid-week numbers have been in the good-but-not-great $3 mil range. So a big drop of, like, 60 percent wouldn’t be out of the question this weekend.

3. The Last House on the Left — $13 million
The new Friday the 13th movie did big business last month, opening to $40.6 mil on Friday the 13th weekend (which also tripled as Valentine’s Day weekend and Presidents Day weekend). So this update of Wes Craven’s 1972 fright flick may also get a nice boost…even though it’s based on a much less well-known property…and it isn’t playing in a true holiday frame…and it isn’t called, you know, Friday the 13th! So, yeah, it probably won’t be nearly as big, but I do know at least one person who’ll be attending.

4. Taken — $6 million
Why, hello there, old friend.

5. Miss March — $5 million
This star-free sex comedy about two dudes on a quest to visit the Playboy Mansion should not be confused with the short-lived Alicia Silverstone TV comedy Miss Match. Or March of the Penguins.

What do you think? Make your predictions below!

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