By Clark Collis
Updated March 12, 2009 at 06:54 PM EDT

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies are among my favorite films and the man himself is one of my favorite interviewees. When the Coen brothers released Fargo I interviewed the director about his collaborations with the siblings, which included co-writing The Hudsucker Proxy. At one point in our chat I asked him what he thought about the fact that, while critics routinely lauded the Coens, they tended to regard Raimi as just that guy who makes those schlocky horror movies. His reply? “They’re right. The Coens are artists. And I am just the guy that makes those schlocky horror movies.”

Of course, these days, Raimi is famous for being that guy who makes those hugely successful (if, it seems to me, often unwatchably ponderous) Spider-Man movies. However, his new film, the awesomely-titled Drag Me To Hell, is a return to his horror roots and, judging by the trailer embedded below, looks to be a slice of terrific slice of primo schlock, with loan officer Alison Lohman attempting to get rid of a curse that will ultimately leave her “burning in hell for all eternity!” (Why has she been cursed? Because she denied an elderly woman an extension on her mortgage payment. And how about that for a timely plot point?)

So, Popwatchers, are you as psyched as me for Mr Raimi’s return to terror? Or would you rather he’d just skipped straight to Spidey 4?