Many radio stations are reluctant to even play the barely-a-double-entendre track, but Mizz Spears has gone ahead and made a video for Circus‘s third single, “If U Seek Amy.” The clip is set, apparently, at some sort of suburban house party; Vixen Britney (wild extensions, red lips, black bustier) writhes around with sexy extras in the first half, before Wholesome Britney (Marilyn bob, pink sweater set) comes on with a fresh-baked pie and picket-fence family.

And yet, this Amy person — we never meet her. Confounded, I tell you! In fact, though it’s kind of difficult to believe the song’s real meaning will get past even the thickest listener, the video itself is pretty tame…almost disappointingly so. We’ve seen La Brit role-play naughty ‘n’ nice before in clips like “Piece of Me,” “Womanizer,” and “Oops!…I Did It Again,” and this one feels a little thrown together, no?

But PopWatchers, I defer to you: Watch it here and judge for yourself. Are you feeling it? Will you be hitting any of her tour stops, even if Daddy Spears is possibly firing her dancers? Or are you thinking Amy should just keep it in her britches already?