Just when you thought your iPod shuffle was already too easy to lose, Apple has released an even smaller mp3 player, so tiny it should come with a choking warning for mouth-eager toddlers.* The new shuffle, tipping the wallet scales at $79, holds 4GB (about 1,000 songs), and has a battery life of about 10 hours. The second-generation models, which are still available, only hold 240 songs, but have a longer battery life.

The biggest change — smallest? heyo! — is that the body of the gizmo doesn’t have any buttons. All the controls are now on the headphone wire, which makes it tough if you, like me, luh-huh-huh-loathe those earbuds. Music isn’t supposed to hurt! Also, the new shuffle has “VoiceOver,” which means the tiny robots that live in your iPod can now tell you the track information and battery life of your too-small-for-a-screen player.

Okay, PopWatchers, does this get your gadget-lovin’ juices flowing? Or does your hulking peasant of a regular old iPod still get the job done?

*BYO “your iPod’s so small” yo mama–style joke.