By Kate Ward
Updated March 11, 2009 at 04:34 AM EDT

Looks like free time isn’t the only good thing to come out of unemployment. Jay Leno announced on last night’s Tonight Show that he’ll be traveling to Michigan on April 7 to offer a free performance to anyone out of work in the Detroit area (also, refreshments and parking will be free for guests!). It’s part of his “Jay’s Comedy Stimulus Plan,” and I have to say, the move is quite refreshing. Though some people might argue that it’s better to go to no show at all than watch the comedian deliver relatively tired jokes, it’s nice to see that Leno is forgoing the purchase of his 10-gagillionth car in order to give back to a sector of the masses in need of a laugh or two.

Now, I know most comedians can’t follow this move, but I would love to see more famous and successful funnymen or musical artists offer discounted shows in this time of need (especially when someone like Madonna charged fans an average of $378 for concert tickets last year).

Do you wish more folks would follow Leno’s lead? If so, who? Or do you think the citizens of Detroit would have been better served if Leno donated free money instead of a free show?

addCredit(“Steve Snowden/Getty Images”)