By Lynette Rice
Updated March 11, 2009 at 11:07 PM EDT

If your kid did the darnedest thing today, you might want to let ABC know all about it. The network’s upcoming series In the Motherhood — a comedy about a divorced mom (Cheryl Hines), her free-spirited neighbor (Megan Mullally), and one particularly perfect parent (Jessica St. Clair) that bows March 26 — is counting on viewers to submit embarrassing tales of parenting woe to help fill the episodes. Since the franchise already had a fan base (it started as a webisode series starring Chelsea Handler and Leah Remini, sponsored by Suave and Sprint), ideas have been coming in droves. To wit: One scatterbrained mom wrote in to recount the time she accidentally put a wine cooler in her kid’s lunch box.

Viewers get a screen credit if their anecdotes are used. “We like using them,” says executive producer Jennifer Konner, who admits, “It makes our lives easier.”