By Leah Greenblatt
Updated March 10, 2009 at 11:36 PM EDT

More than four decades ago, Macca wondered in “When I’m 64″: Will you still be sending me a valentine / Birthday greetings, bottle of wine?” This past Feb. 14, he actually got 4,000 answers — in a record-breaking seven seconds. At a rate of nearly 600 seats per second, the former Beatle sold out his one-night stand at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, set to take place April 16. (We’re posting now because the stats were just released, to tie in with some other V-day-related record-breakers).

Alas, there is no love lost with ticket scalpers — according to one report, a pair of prime seats are priced at $9,999. What is seeing the legendary, now 66-year-old Beatle worth to you (he’ll also be appearing with Ringo April 4 at a charity benefit in NYC)? How much are concert tix worth to you in general right now, in this craptastic economy? After all, going to the movies has never cost more, and Hollywood box office is up (then again, we’re still talking roughly 10 bucks versus possible hundreds or, as above, even thousands. And that’s before the popcorn).

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