By Ken Tucker
Updated March 10, 2009 at 05:25 PM EDT

Have not been able to resist tuning in to the latest additions to the Gosselin family on Jon & Kate Plus Eight: two dogs, Shooka and Nala, who are busy licking, peeing, and swallowing kiddie toys — is it any wonder Kate referred to them last night as “just two added kids”? Is it any wonder last night’s episode began with Kate off on one of those unexplained “business trips” she’s taking with increasing frequency? I assume it’s to make a personal appearance to talk about Jon & Kate Plus Eight, but she’s missing lots of camera-time, to say nothing of quality-time, with husband Jon, the kids, and the new dogs — all valuable sources of anecdotes for the family’s mini-industry of TV show, books, lectures, etc.

Granted, adding two pups to their octo-brood is not nuttiness on the scale of Nadya Suleman. But it is pretty nutty, given the fact that, the way the reality series presents it, the Gosselins got the dogs soon after finally moving to a bigger house. With all the emotional turmoil moving brings on, especially for a neat-freak like Kate, you’d think having to train two dogs would be the last thing on earth these parents would want to add to their lives.

On the plus side, the kids seem to adore the dogs, and the dogs seem to adore them. (Who would not want to see the adorable Joel, to single out just one of these lovely children, frisking around with a puppy who laps up his attention?)

We were left with the lonely spectacle of Jon in the family’s new large back yard, a state-of-the-art pooper-scooper in one hand and a plastic garbage bag in the other, patrolling for dog droppings. How much more can this man take?

What do you think of Jon & Kate‘s dog decision? A good addition to the family, or nightmares waiting to happen?