By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 20, 2019 at 04:26 AM EST
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I know, I know. We let the 3,000th comment milestone on our Jeremy Northan, why aren’t you a bigger star? post go unheralded, but someone’s been paying attention: Northam has just been cast in the CBS pilot Miami Trauma. (That’s still the title we’re going with? Really?) According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’ll play “a likable but enigmatic new doctor on the traumaward.” Don’t you hate it when a casting makes you root for a show that you were fully prepared to never watch?

In other CBS casting news, courtesy of THR:
• Chris Parnell, Missi Pyle, and Deanne Dunagan are expected to join the comedy ensemble Big D, which revolves around a couple that leaves New York for the wife’s hometown of Dallas and has to deal with her family. Parnell plays the wife’s brother-in-law, a preacher, which you’d think would excite me. Only, I’m most psyched to see Pyle as his wife, who’s said to be “prone to emotional displays.”
• Saffron Burrows (criminally underused on ABC’s Boston Legal), Jesse Bradford, and Gaby Hoffmann have lined up for The Eastmans, a drama about a “complicated family of doctors.” Burrows will play an M.D. trying find a cure for autism, which her child may or may not have. Great to see a show deal with that…. (And that Burrows’ role in Deep Blue Sea was good for something.) Bradford’s character will no longer be practicing because he got caught with a Vicodin addiction (there’s got to be a House joke in the pilot); Hoffman is a pathologist.
• Matt Czuchry (Gilmore Girls‘ Logan) has signed on for The Good Wife, which is said to revolve around a politician’s spouse (Julianna Margulies!) who works as a junior associate at a law firm. He will play a fellow newbie, a “handsome Harvard grad.” I believe “handsome” is code for “they’ll originally but heads but be contemplating an affair by Sweeps.”


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