By Mike Bruno
Updated March 10, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Our own Michael Ausiello just broke the news that NBC and DirecTVare in talks to give Friday Night Lights another two seasons. That hasto be the best news I’ve heard since the show was miraculously saved fromgut-wrenching cancellation last year under the unique shared-windowexperiment that runs the season on DirecTV before it airs onNBC. I couldn’t wait, went out and found a buddy with DirecTV last November and have already gobbled up the season still airing on NBC. (Not sure that’s exactlywhat DirecTV was aiming for, though I’m sure they’re happy that their subscribers are less likely to be lonely at least once a week for a few months.) I’m glad I did, too. This past seasonrivaled the first in terms of story quality (the Smash arc, the Tyra-Landry romance, and more football games!) and performances (Connie Britton and KyleChandler rule — check out the clip of Chandler’s Coach squirming while Matt’s grandma heaps praise on him just moments after he dropped by to bench her grandson).

It seems from Ausiello’s report that the new deal again hinges on the DirecTV arrangement. Yet I had a hard time tracking down a friend who even has DirecTV. Is that just the sad state of my social life or are people not exactly lining up to subscribe for DTV’s original content? How about you PopWatchers? Psyched about the prospect of more FNL? How many of you watched via DirecTV last year vs. catch it on NBC? Take the poll below and discuss in the comments.