By Kate Ward
March 10, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

I’ll admit it: I’ll watch Candid Camera, Punk’d, Scare Tactics, or basically any other prank-centric show that airs on TV. (Sorry, Howie Mandel, but Howie Do It does not make the cut, since you make zero effort to hide your appearance while pranking unsuspecting citizens. A wig and a pair of glasses does not a disguise make!) And that’s not just because my great-grandmother was gullible enough to be pranked twice on Candid Camera back in the day. There’s just nothing quite like watching someone reach a point of hysterical rage — after a waiter serves coughed-on food, or a 10-year-old spray paints a luxury car, etc. — only to slap a smile on their face as soon as they realize they’re on television.

So I was pumped to hear that CBS will air a celebrity prank show on April Fools Day this year. The problem is, after reading its description, it seems just a bit lame. I Get That a Lot sends celebrities like Heidi Klum, Ice-T, and Jessica Simpson to work in ordinary jobs while cameras watch them try to convince customers that they aren’t who they appear to be. It’s a stunt that could be funny the first time you see it, but I’m thinking the joke will get old over the course of an entire one-hour special. And honestly, am I supposed to be surprised to see Mario Lopez working at a hot dog stand? That being said, since the cute and bubbly Heidi Klum could really do no wrong in my book, I will tune in just to see her attempt to make pizza and speak English at the same time.

Will you watch I Get That a Lot? Which of the celebrities — Heidi Klum, Ice-T, Jessica Simpson, Mario Lopez, Jeff Probst, and LeAnn Rimes — would you most like to see pranking ordinary folks? And while we’re on the subject, what’s your favorite hidden-camera show of all time?

addCredit(“Sonja Flemming/CBS”)