By Jennifer Armstrong
March 09, 2009 at 08:45 PM EDT

The CW has clearly found its go-to secret stash of plucky teens ripe for casting: Corporate cousin The N’s Degrassi! First they stole Shenae Grimes (formerly Degrassi’s resident Christian girl Darcy) for 90210, and now Nina Dobrev (model/cheerleader/mom Mia) is heading to that Kevin Williamson Twilight-for-TV drama Vampire Diaries, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She’ll play the lead, a girl caught in a love triangle with two (take that, Bella!) vampire brothers. Now can somebody give the delicious Jake Epstein (formerly Degrassi‘s manic-depressive rocker Craig) a job, please?

Sci-fi geeks, meanwhile, will be unequivocally thrilled (I think, though you never know with that crowd) to hear that Firefly‘s Morena Baccarin has landed a lead in ABC’s drama based on the seminal ’80s miniseries V. She’ll play Anna, the leader of the invading aliens known as the Visitors. Here’s to hoping that the casting of a Whedon-verse alum is a sign that this latest network TV attempt to capitalize on a beloved ’80s franchise won’t go the way of, say, Knight Rider.

So which castings are you most excited/deeply offended by? Do these stars make you more psyched for Vampire Diaries and V?