By smohtasham
Updated March 09, 2009 at 06:37 PM EDT

Last night’s episode of Flight of the Conchords tackled a very important issue in today’s society: addiction…to hair gel. In an effort to look cooler, Bret and Jemaine reluctantly take Murray’s advice to style their hair. That’s right, they actually take appearance advice from a man who thinks we’re still in the ’90s (which explains a lot). But hair gel, as any contestant of VH1’s Tool Academy can tell you, is a lot like Pringles: Once you pop, you can’t stop. And so the boys prove that “Fashion is Danger.”

In the first episode of the season to feature only one song, the boys shed their humble, insecure stage presence for a Bowie-like self-awareness highlighting the confidence-boosting effects of the goop. As cool as Bret looks with red tips, this was (I hate to say it) a rather boring number that consisted more of visual effects than memorable lyrics. Probably to become one of the duo’s less memorable tunes, it does somewhat make up for being lackluster by featuring Mel in shoulder pads. If there’s one girl out there who can bring those bad boys back, it’s Mel. “Fashion” also helps distinguish the second season from the first by emphasizing that the songs are no longer at the center of the show. But hey, at least their hair looked good.

What the episode lacked in length (a good four minutes by my watch), it made up for in secondary character appearances. The only thing better than Bret and Jemaine practically attacking Mel not for secretly having a key to their apartment but rather for not carrying mousse with her at all times was Dave’s role in Prime Minister Brian’s brilliant idea of New Zealand Town (below). Putting Dave, who knows less about the country than Gary the Sheep, in charge of New Zealand Town’s information booth was indisputably last night’s best moment, and I’d pay good money for him to give me a tour of the New Zealand.

How do you feel about last night’s episode, PopWatchers? Curious to see what Jemaine’s body hair looks like with the gel? With only two episodes left of the season (and possibly the series), what would you like to see happen to our yet-to-be-discovered friends?