By Michael Slezak
Updated March 06, 2009 at 08:23 AM EST

The train is pulling out of the station and it’s heading for the Kodak Theater. Yep, American Idol‘s Wild Card round is over — “O-V-E-R,” to quote Lexi Featherston — and you can either stand at the ticket counter, wondering how Ju’Not Joyner, Felicia Barton, and Kristen McNamara didn’t get invited aboard, or you can take the “journey” that will devour your Tuesday and Wednesday nights from now until the end of May.

Out of respect for our west coast pals, I shall not discuss the Wild Card results, nor will I reveal the “shocking” twist in store. Instead, I’ll just note the following: Somebody wore incredibly tight pants. Somebody sang a number from an animated Disney film. (Groan.) And somebody tearfully knelt before the judges’ table. And the gut feeling I’d had since this morning about who’d advance and who’d get the shaft proved all too true when the episode wrapped at 9 p.m. Discuss the deets below (but if you missed the latest Idolatry, then do not head to the comments section without hitting “play.”) Oh, and a couple of housekeeping notes. My full TV Watch recap is now live…go forth, read, and comment! Also, please check back at our American Idol HQ tomorrow and sign up to play’s Idol Prediction Challenge: It’s going to be fun, especially since you’ll have a chance to humiliate me (plus a number of my Idolatry co-hosts) with your Idol prognostication skills. And if you’d like to be a call-in guest on Idolatry, do shoot an email with your thoughts on tonight’s Wild Card show (along with a daytime phone number) to Thanks!