By Kerrie Mitchell
March 06, 2009 at 10:53 PM EST

The UK edition of Esquire just named the best dressed men in the world, and the guy who topped them all? Prince Charles, who beat out Barack Obama and Andre 3000, among others. Now, I’ve got nothing against His Royal Highness — indeed the Huffington Post has up a nice slideshow of his usual dapperness. But this quote from Esquire editor Jeremy Langmead bugged me a little: “It’s the men who dress like grown-ups who really caught the judges’ eyes; as well as those who have developed their own distinctive style and stuck with it.” So basically, they chose the guys who dress the same all the time? Instead of men like Justin Timberlake, for instance, who are always playing around with looks? Perhaps this is just my personal beef. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was a finalist for the US edition of Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Men in America. He didn’t win, and we were convinced it was because he was too stylish and just not conventional enough for Esquire‘s tastes. What do you think PopWatchers? Is Prince Charles really best dressed? Is this just a “British Thing” that I can’t ever quite understand? Who’d be on your list?

addCredit(“Tim Whitby/Getty Images”)