You know what bacon and blogging will get you? A book deal. The BBQ Addict bloggers behind the Bacon Explosion — four pounds of bacon and sausage wrapped in more bacon and slathered with BBQ sauce — confirmed to Kansas City’s The Pitch that they’re now working on a book for Scribner’s called Barbecue Makes Everything Better. The news comes in the wake of January’s NY Times piece about their bacon creation.

I’m always happy to hear about bloggers striking it big with a new idea, but here’s my problem: I’ve recently been informed that the whole bacon boomlet is officially over. It’s true. Slate has a whole video up about it. (A video which, by the way, pointedly notes that when the NY Times notices a trend, then it usually means said trend has run it’s course.) What do you think? Has a book from the bacon bloggers missed the boat? How about a blog post about a book from the bacon bloggers?