By Jeremy Medina
Updated March 05, 2009 at 05:00 PM EST

Last year was a strange one for Zooey Deschanel’s career. While her album with M. Ward (under the moniker She & Him) garnered the actress-singer critical acclaim, her films The Happening and Yes Man received rather lackluster responses. So it’s nice to see that, evidently, Deschanel is focusing on her acting again in 2009. Namely, she seems to be returning to her roots in quirky movie parts like her gloriously sardonic supermarket employee in The Good Girl, the flighty stewardess in Almost Famous, or her knock-out dramatic role in All the Real Girls. In other words: great news!

What does she have on tap? First, Gigantic with Paul Dano (in theaters April 3), and then (500) Days of Summer — yes, the 500 is actually in parentheses — with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (due out July 24). Both are quirky/offbeat/eccentric/insert-other-adjective-here indie rom-coms. Even if both films seem similar to each other and not at all fresh, I’m excited for them. Why? Because I’ll take these sorts of romantic comedies over He’s Just Not That Into You or Bride Wars any day. Plus, Gordon-Levitt and Dano are two of Hollywood’s finest young actors, and both films give Deschanel a perfect opportunity to remind us why we liked her in the first place. (Hopefully erasing the traumatic memory of The Happening in the process.) Check out the trailers for both movies, after the jump.

(500) Days of Summer


What do you think? Are you excited to see Deschanel returning to her roots? Which movie looks better? (My vote? Gigantic.) Who makes a better co-star — Joseph Gordon-Levitt orPaul Dano? And all of you have heardDeschanel sing by now, right? Because she’s kind of amazing.