By Sean Smith
Updated March 05, 2009 at 08:43 AM EST

Warner Bros. recently released some new behind-the-scenes footage from the long-delayed sixth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. As HP fans know (and are still irked about), the film was originally scheduled for release last fall, but then Warner Bros. pushed it to July 17, 2009. Some of the footage comes from previously released trailers, but there are some cool new shots here, including the inky tornado arrival of dark force Bellatrix Lestrange at a house, ringed by fire, in the middle of a field, and a long close-up of the Pensieve and the tendrils of thought slinking down into it. There’s also a powerful shot of Dumbledore surrounded by an infernal blaze — presumably, this is from the film’s climax, but we won’t spoil any plot details. Plus, there’s some fun stuff of Ron obsessing over Lavender Brown (including a little PG-rated make-out session), followed by some sweet, airborne revenge from Hermione. One final thought: Is it just me, or does Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) get cuter every film?

So what do you think, Potter fans? Does this footage make you more or less eager to see the film this summer?