Daft Punk, Alive 2007

Technology and I have never gotten along — just getting this blog post typed up and posted on is work enough — but even I’ve got to admit: The prospect of going to see TR2N (a.k.a. the Tron sequel, a.k.a. How in the Hell Do I Pronounce That Anyway?) just got a lot more enticing. And that’s because Disney has apparently tapped the Grammy-winning French electronica duo Daft Punk to compose and score music for the feature, which is expected to hit theaters around 2011.

I’ve been an unflagging fan of Daft Punk’s propulsive, inventive, and downright sexy dance music since their debut album Homework was released in 1997. (Surely you remember the dazzling video for their first hit, “Around the World,” which is, come to think of it, a total hot Tronny mess.) So it’s hard for me to imagine that these guys—who are so good at what they do that they recently won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording for the live version of a song that was first released nearly EIGHT years ago—won’t do something wholly original and fantastic with whatever TR2N ends up being.

Of course, I’m telling you all of this as someone who has never actually seen Tron, a groundbreaking 1982 sci-fi classic that made extensive early use of computer animation and graphics. In fact, my only real exposure to the film was during my family’s annual trip to Disneyland. Because I was apparently a 65-year-old man in an eight-year-old’s body, I used to beg my parents to take me on the poky ol’ PeopleMover. For a brief moment during the ride, your car would enter a sonically jarring, near seizure-inducing tunnel that was surrounded by screens filled with lasers and popping lights, all meant to simulate the film’s infamous Game Grid. We were so easily amused in the ’80s, weren’t we? (Somebody tell me they remember this—and that it freaked them out in ways that still scar them to this day, so that I don’t feel so alone in this world.)

Let’s put the childhood memories away, though, and get to the real business at hand: Tron fans, Daft Punk fans, fans of Tron and Daft Punk…if you’re reading this, what do you think? Is Daft Punk’s futuristic, boundary-pushing music the right match for TR2N? Does it make you more or less interested in seeing the movie? And if you aren’t crazy about them, whose music would you like to hear in the new film?