By Michael Ausiello
Updated March 04, 2009 at 10:27 PM EST

Here are two more reasons Fox’s upcoming musicomedy, Glee, has us overjoyed: Kristin Chenoweth and Victor Garber are joining the cast in what will likely turn out to be recurring roles!

Wicked alum Chenoweth, who showed off her awesome pipes on the late, great Pushing Daisies, will play a part that’s as top secret as it is hilarious. (Sorry, that’s all you’re getting out of me.) Fellow Broadway vet Garber (Sweeney Todd) will play the father of Glee‘s leading man, Hairspray hunk Matthew Morrison. (Tony winner Debra Monk is his mom.)

Even before this latest bit of casting was announced, the positive buzz surrounding the project — which centers on the worst high school glee club in America — only seemed to grow louder with each passing day. With good reason, too. The extended trailer Fox showed us at press tour in January was so good it gave me chills, and the lucky few who have seen the pilot have been effusive with their praise. (In the new issue of EW, our own Ken Tucker calls the debut “witty and high-spirited” and a potential “sleeper hit.”)

Luckily, Fox seems to know it has something special on its hands. Rumor has it the network may launch the show this May after American Idol.

‘Til then, and probably beyond then, producer Ryan Murphy (whose Popular musical episode remains a kooky triumph) will just have to deal with music-lovin’ actors chasing him down wherever he goes. Says an insider: “They’re literally banging down his door to be on this show.”

Click on the video below to see one of the many reasons I’m rooting for this show.