March 03, 2009 at 08:45 PM EST

Call it a calculated stunt after a semi-lackluster (using lackluster in the loosest of terms) Grammy performance if you want, but U2 is performing all week on Letterman to celebrate the release of their new album No Line on the Horizon (in stores today). Honestly, I couldn’t be happier. (The band also did their part by helping the city cope with yesterday’s big storm by shoveling snow. Leave it to Bono to help in a crisis.)

But, what about the performance? The rousing “Breathe” (a song in which the Edge, for lack of a better phrase, totally brings it) kicked things off on Monday as the stadium-filling band took command of a much smaller stage. Bono hasn’t changed his stage presence much over the years, but there’s no need to, not when you can bring a late-night studio audience to their feet. “Breathe” is one of the highlights on the new album (I’m relieved they didn’t start the week with “Get On Your Boots”, but I’m waiting anxiously for “Magnificent”), and when they close out a near-perfect performance by saying “To David Letterman, what an honor,” it’s easy to fall in love with U2 all over again. A-

What did you think of the performance, PopWatchers? Will you be watching all week as well?

addCredit(“U2: Kevin Mazur/; Letterman: John Paul Filo/CBS”)

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