By Annie Barrett
March 03, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

The Daily Show‘s senior technology correspondent Samantha Bee investigates that newfangled Twitter thing nobody really understands. (Here’s a hint: there’s nothing to get.) At the moment, I’m following Sam’s lead and Twittering as I blog. I’M TWITTERING. RIGHT NOW.* EWAnnieBarrett, y’all. Great. So…now what? [DEAD AIR.] Press play below.

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Hey, what a charming excuse to remind you to subscribe to EWPopWatch’s Twitter feed. (Though, if “Grunt” takes off within the week, we might switch over to that. Story developing.) Won’t you probably start a Twitter account, if only to make fun of yourself? I mean, this s*** is everywhere.

*I refuse to use ‘tweet’ as a verb. So I haven’t sold out completely. Yeah right!