By Margaret Lyons
Updated March 03, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST
Wolf: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images; O'Keefe: Vince Gonzales/Film Magic

Pilot season, you are my favorite. When else do I get a chance to talk about Everwood and Roseanne in the same post? Sure, there’s no guarantee that these talked-about pilots will see the light of a cathode ray tube (or whatever makes HDTVs work — magic?), but just knowing that veterans of some of my near-and-dear shows might be returning to TV makes me glad. Today’s joy factory:

• Scott Wolf, oh he of dimpled fame, has been cast on an ABC pilot! I, uh, have been rewatching Everwood on recently — yes, it still makes me cry approximately twice per episode — and was just wondering why Wolf hadn’t been on anything since The Nine got the boot. Wonder no more, Mags! Wolf is going to be on the “reboot” of the ’80s sci-fi series V. Gregory “Ephram Brown” Smith, your number’s up next.

• Michael O’Keefe, a perennial Hey, It’s That Guy, has been cast on Two-Dollar Beer. First, that show wins the award for having my favorite description ever in The Hollywood Reporter: “Beer revolves around a group of twentysomethings who drink beer and discuss their woes. Sadowski will play the male lead Luke, a handsome ex-high school jock who thinks too much. Simpson will play Mitchell, the world’s grouchiest guy. Dewulf will play Mitchell’s wife Fakhri, a nurse. Mabe will play Burt, who is a bit off.” O’Keefe will be playing Luke’s father (there’s a Star Wars joke here somewhere, but I can’t quite get the bat off my shoulder), and while I enjoy O’Keefe’s dark/creepy side on SVU and such, I like him best on Roseanne. He was Jackie’s husband Fred in seasons 6-8, playing the straight man to Laurie Metcalf’s sometimes super-nutty sidekick.

OK, Pop[andlock]Watchers: What pilots are revving your engines?

addCredit(“Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images; O’Keefe: Vince Gonzales/Film Magic”)