By Joshua Rich
March 03, 2009 at 05:00 PM EST

The release of the Jonas Brothers’ movie — and its disappointing box office returns — raised a troubling question in my mind, having to do with the motion picture business of late: Where have all the great concert films gone? Seriously, it has been years since adults were last treated to a big, rockin’, and really good movie featuring a top act like Talking Heads (Stop Making Sense), Prince (Sign o’ the Times), or Madonna (Truth or Dare). Yeah, yeah, I know we’ve had supersized extravaganzas featuring the JoBros and Miley Cyrus recently. But, c’mon, we’re grownups here. And the occasional Rolling Stones/U2 IMAX stunt hasn’t helped the cause much, either. (I mean, personally, I wouldn’t necessarily welcome a Coldplay concert flick, but it would be a start.)

So, really, what gives? Why do you think major concert movies have generally gone the way of, er, Talking Heads? What current artists are primed to help regenerate the genre? And what are some of your favorite concert films? Here’s a clip from one of mine…