March 03, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Not shockingly, the View ladies weighed in heartily on last night’s shocking finale of The Bachelor. Elisabeth Hasselbeck took Jason’s idiocy/toolishness especially to heart, probably because she’d gone to the effort of donning a wedding dress at the viewing party she hosted in her apartment. (OMG we got to see her apartment.) Highlights included: Tim Hasselbeck totally not havin’ it, the suggestion that Babs and Lis text each other regularly,  Whoopi’s nearly convincing impression of Melissa’s “club lips,” and Sherri’s incredulous reaction to Hasselbot’s “X” move, as if everyone didn’t know this was universal arm-gesture code for “I’m never watching that show [that’s on the same channel as this show] again.” Good stuff. Press play below, then vote in today’s Bachelor poll under that!


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