By Lindsay Soll
March 03, 2009 at 04:31 PM EST
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Three enigmatic guests appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night: Evangeline Lily, who plays the fierce, mysterious Kate on Lost; the New Kids on the Block, who apparently are still vying for cultural relevancy; and finally…Jason Mesnick, who as we all know (and can’t stop talking about!) made reality show history when he dumped the girl he proposed to (Melissa) for the girl he’d already said peace out to (Molly). “It’s like The Bachelor meets Punk’d,” Kimmel joked in his monologue. But seriously, it totally was.

Jason said that he really did spend the whole six weeks, which included Christmas, following the final rose ceremony and up until the first After The Final Rose special with his chosen gal Melissa. “What really happened is the chemistry was completely different,” he explained. “The relationship was completely different…The conversations, which were so great on the show, were completely different. How was I supposed to lead someone on and keep going if it really wasn’t there? That’s the honest truth.” He has a point. No one should ever lead someone on — but where was this “gut feeling” on the day of the freaking proposal?

Kimmel followed Jason’s attempt at coming clean by asking what we are all dying to know: Why the heck propose to Melissa in the first place if his feelings weren’t solid as, well, the diamonds in her ring? After all, Brad Womack certainly didn’t feel compelled to propose to either of his final two, so what gives? “[Melissa was] exactly what I was looking for. I had this preconceived notion. And on that very last day, she was exactly what I wanted.” Key words in that sentence: on that very last day.

Here’s where things got juicy.

Jason claimed that Melissa was well aware of the events that were going to unfold at the After The Final Rosespecial. “She knew,” he said. “The question was, are you really goingto even wear your ring because we’re not together?…We could not seeeach other before that, so we had to have conversations on the phone.”In other words, along with the hopes of his son Ty having a normal lifefrom here on out, Jason signed away his right to privacy when he becamethe Bachelor. So he “had to” drop the ax on live television.

As for Jason’s current love of this life, Molly, he said there’s notalk of marriage because they are taking things really slow. Kimmel, ofcourse, had some humorous advice: “But if you do propose to her, do iton television. I mean you’ve made kind of a habit out of it.”

On that note, PopWatchers, PHEW! What an intense night oftelevision. Now that you’ve heard some of Jason’s side of the story,are any of you moving your sympathy votes to his side or are most ofyou on Team Melissa? Do you understand where Jason was coming from whenhe said he didn’t want to lead anyone on? Or do you think that’s abunch of BS and he was just too cowardly to speak up when he shouldhave? Finally, what the heck are you going to do with your Mondaynights now that The Bachelor is over?

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