By Margaret Lyons
Updated March 03, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

Happy Square Root Day, Mathletes PopWatchers! Today is 3/3/09 — a rare kind of day where the square root of the year is the month/day. Enjoy it now! The next one’s not until April 4, 2016.

I have participated in celebrations for Pi Day (3/14) and Mole Day (at 6:02 am on 10/23). And maybe, just maybe, I’ll crack open a nice cold root beer tonight in honor of today’s square rootiness. But now I’m wondering what other numerical holidays I can celebrate.On the math front, why are we celebrating roots and not powers? I nominate February 6, 2064 to give us plenty of time to get ready. (2^6…). Or what about Fibonacci Day on January 12, 2035? Lost Day on April 8, 2015? Jenny Day on August 6, 2075 at 3:09 am?

In honor of my love of math, here’s a clip from Square One: