By Kate Ward
Updated March 02, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

I don’t know about you, but Tom Green’s presence on Celebrity Apprentice 2 seriously ignited my ’90s MTV nostalgia. Though the guy was obnoxious on his own series, The Tom Green Show — performing disgusting stunts that I, of course, found hysterical as a 15 year old — I actually found myself liking the surprisingly demure comedian on last night’s show. Watching Green don an apron to bake cupcakes and step up to settle ego-driven personality clashes on his team made me wonder how other long-forgotten MTV personalities would handle a second chance at fame a decade after parading their immaturity on the small screen.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see the barely lucid former VJ Jesse Camp lace up some dancing shoes on Dancing With the Stars? (And the poor guy certainly needs a hand: The wild-haired Camp was reportedly last seen working at the cashier’s desk of an L.A. pet supply store, and flashing TMZ’s cameras outside a TRL finale party.) Doesn’t Attack of the Show‘s “Gadget Honkie” Chris Hardwick deserve a full-time hosting gig on, say, the second season of Tool Academy, since he’s pretty much an expert on the topic following his ’90s Singled Out gig? And if only Daria was a real person: I’d love to see the cynical girl be the newest The Bachelorette, as she is 10 times cooler than any vapid beauty could ever hope to be.

Tell me PopWatchers: What did you think of Tom Green on Celebrity Apprentice 2? Do you find yourself longing to see ’90s MTV personalities on the small screen again? If so, who? And do you know what the heck Jesse Camp is up to these days?

addCredit(“Hardwick: Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images; Green: Mitchell/Haaseth/NBC”)