By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated August 04, 2020 at 09:07 AM EDT

File this one under “power moves”: Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy is signing up with Hip-Hop Since 1978, the heavy-hitting management firm that handles both Kanye West and Lil Wayne, according to a press release. (His longtime manager Demetrius “Kinky B” Ellerbee will continue to work with the new team.) This is a big piece of inside-baseball news, a signal that Jeezy has entered the realm of rap royalty. Will HHS1978 be able to take him to the same level of cultural dominance they’ve helped Kanye and Weezy reach? Right now, who knows. But for the guy who informed us that “It’s the recession/Everybody broke,” Young Jeezy certainly seems to be doing pretty well for himself. Jeezy fans can celebrate by watching his newly-released video for the very solid single “Circulate” below (some NSFW language/imagery).

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