An assortment of the week's best celebrity Tweets, including Rainn Wilson, Jimmy Fallon and more

By EW Staff
Updated February 27, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

Dr. ?Drew ?”BTW watching American Idol with family. Seacrest did a pretty good job fielding a huge technical gaffe.”

Jimmy ? Fallon ?”Going to get a beer and a chili dog.”

Rainn Wilson ?”Watching Hotel for Dogs with my wife and son. Kate Winslet plays a Nazi with a lot of books. Still waiting for ONE stupid dog to show up.”

Demi Moore ?”Do our failures ? define us, or is what we choose to do with our failures that make us who we are? If it’s our failures, let’s all quit now!”

Solange Knowles ?”This big pimple on my forehead…gots ta go!”

Greg Grunberg? ”Today’s Fun Factoid: The tortoise on Heroes I work with I have nicknamed Shelly. But his real name is Elvis.”