The R&B singer-songwriter talks about working with everyone from Britney Spears to Beyonce

You’ve danced to The-Dream’s music, whether you know it or not: His songwriting work has dominated the pop charts in recent years. As he gears up for the March 10 release of his own sophomore album, Love vs. Money, The-Dream gives us some insight into a few career highlights — including a recently penned tune that inspired Diddy to sing.

Britney Spears feat. Madonna
”Me Against the Music” (2003)
”I was just getting into the business. I’m in Atlanta, driving home in a ’92 Cadillac, and I get the call [from collaborator Christopher ‘Tricky’ Stewart]: ‘We’re gonna cut this song with Britney.’ I hung up and just screamed out joyous sounds.”

Rihanna feat. Jay-Z
”Umbrella” (2007)
”That was the one. Just a regular day: Showed up at the studio, setting up new equipment, and Tricky’s playing this chord. The word umbrella came into my head and I went right into a vocal booth and [wrote the song] in around 15 minutes.”

”Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (2008)
”I told B, ‘I don’t know what singles you think you got, but when I get finished writing this song, it’ll be your first single [from her next album].’ I was being a jerk, and I put myself into a corner where I had to back it up!”

The-Dream feat. Kanye West
”Walkin’ on the Moon” (2009)
”Me and Kanye, he’s the greatest, I’m the greatest. Going forward, when we look back, he’ll be a person that we talk about in terms of his music, how he pushes the envelope, and how weird he is. Love that guy to death.”

”Change”(Due in September 2009)
”This record I wrote two nights ago. It’s [going to be] one of the biggest I ever wrote. Diddy sang the record gracefully. He really pulled it off, and he really surprised me. Because it’s Puff, nobody expects it. [But] he’s got the goods”