Conan O'Brien, Amanda Seyfried, and ''Survivor'' made pop culture news this week

By EW Staff
Updated February 27, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

· Conan O’Brien ? says goodbye ? to his NYC audience ? with a classy, ? funny exit. Soon, we may actually ? start watching The ?Tonight Show!
· Amanda Seyfried‘s ? wrenching performance ? on this season of Big Love. Someday, this girl ? will win an Emmy — and ? hopefully an Oscar
· The Black Eyed Peas‘ ?infectious new single, ”Boom Boom Pow.” ?, you are officially off the hook for that ?hologram business
· With new projects, ? Eminem and Jenna Elfman return to the spotlight. ?So, apparently, ?does the year 2000
· Anne Hathaway, we’d like to hear you sing more
· Shorties unite! ?Tyra seeking women 5’7″ and under for ?Top Model‘s fall season

· A bad week for ?animal lovers: Loki and ?Socks head to ? the great big backyard in the sky
· Teri Hatcher, we’d like to hear you sing less
· A snippy Barbara Walters tells Bonnie Hunt that ?she’s never seen her ? daytime talk show. You’re not alone, baby!
· ”Seymour Philip Hoffman”
· Nelly becomes the ?umpteenth celebrity to attempt a variety-series revival. Did he learn ? nothing from Rosie?
· Survivor blowhard Coach is trying way too hard to bring back the Steven Seagal ‘do

· Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s ?lame 30th-birthday-?at-Tiffany’s PR stunt
· Real World: ?Brooklyn‘s Chet. ?Redefining ”tool”!
· Lisa Rinna and Madame: Separated at ?birth?
· Whoopi Goldberg ? attends the Oscars as the Cowardly Leopard
· Hating yourself for ? recording the new season of ?The Celebrity Apprentice