By Marc Bernardin
February 26, 2009 at 09:42 PM EST

Right up top: Total Recall is the best Arnold Schwarzenegger flick in the not-directed-by-James Cameron division. (Yes, Predator is a close second.) Even if it wanders a bit from its Philip K. Dick source material, Recall is still a mind-frakkingly smart film; sort of a proto-Matrix in the way it deals with reality and our involvement in/responsibility for the narrative of that reality. Plus, it had Arnold’s gleefully glowering arse-kickery (a sample in the NSFW clip below).

So when I heard that Columbia’s planning on rebooting Total Recall, I decided to hop on board. I’m not usually one for pointless remakes, but with the right creative team, and the proper star — I’m gonna hold out for Jason Statham — a new Recall could be a hoot. There’s enough meat on those bones to make another go worth while. Where do you fall?

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