By Leah Greenblatt
Updated February 26, 2009 at 05:00 PM EST

Rachael Ray, indie-rock superfan? Apparently — if the all-star lineup of her second-annual party at Austin’s South by Southwest Music Festival is any indication. In 2008, the indefatigable TV personality, cookbook author, and professional fast-talking foodie made her hosting debut with an afternoon event featuring her own recipes (mostly hearty BBQ fare) and a handful of bands, including the Stills and the Raveonettes. This year, she’s upping the ante with a party officially called “Rose’s Mojito and Rachael Ray’s Feedback” — its subtitle is “A Smorgasbord of Hot Bands and Hot Food” — whose lineup EW can announce here, exclusively:

The highlights include legendary punk rockers the New York Dolls, Springsteen-esque indie faves the Hold Steady, Austin native son Bob Schneider, punchy Portland rockers the Thermals, L.A.’s angular pop outfit Airborne Toxic Event, and glammy Brooklynites Semi Precious Weapons. (Like last year, Ray’s husband, John Cusimano, will also appear with his band, the Cringe.)

Ray told us: “Some of the bands are new to me, like the Thermals andSemi Precious Weapons, but I sincerely love all of them. I’m a hugeHold Steady fan! Seriously. And I love Bob Schneider. Austin is myfavorite city outside of New York, I just love how they do things, andthe spirit of it.”

There will be food again, of course (Ray promises “burgers on a biscuit with bacon, shredded lettuce and a toasted poblano tomatillo sauce, ancho mac and cheese for the vegetarians, black-bean chilaquilles, and ancho-chicken pulled soft tacos,” among other heart-clogging creations) and, if you can get in the door, free booze from co-sponsor Rose’s. We’ve pictured the official party flyer here (it’s March 21st at Austin institution Maggie Mae’s, for those of you thwarted by the superimposed photo of Ray’s nuggety little head), and look out for the full interview with Ray in the March 13 issue of EW.