By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated February 25, 2009 at 05:30 PM EST
Trust Me: Karen Neal/TNT; Leverage: Alan Markfield/TNT

If you’re like me — and I know I am — you think of TNT as home to NASCAR and black-and-white movie reruns. But the cable network has been striving for years to break out with original dramatic material, with shows like The Closer and Saving Grace. This season, they were at it again, with two slick new series that are now nearly finished with their first batches of episodes.

Trust Me is an hour dramedy centered around a pair of ad agency hipsters in Chicago, one responsible and married (Eric McCormack), the other a womanizing rascal (Tom Cavanagh). It’s no Mad Men, and its original title was much better — Truth in Advertising — but the two stars did tape a funny video message for EW on a press screener begging us to put them on our cover.

The other new TNT show, Leverage, is about a team of grifters and hackers led by an ex-insurance investigator (Timothy Hutton) who helps poor victims of corporate greed seek revenge. Personally, it’s my favorite new basic cable drama; last week’s cliffhanger was filled with more twists and turns than Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13 combined (which I guess makes it Ocean’s 25).

But enough about what I think — what do you make of these two new TNT shows, now that they’re about to wrap up their initial runs?

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