By Jean Bentley
Updated December 19, 2019 at 11:29 PM EST

Though she’s spent the past seven years living her life on television, British reality star Jade Goody, who learned last month that her cervical cancer is terminal, will not spend her last days on camera. According to spokesman Max Clifford, reports that Goody would film her death for a reality show are ”totally untrue. It was never thought about, never mentioned. It won’t happen — it was never even discussed.”

The 27-year old received her cervical cancer diagnosis on-camera last August while filming an Indian version of Big Brother and learned in early February that she has just months to live. Though Goody struck exclusive print and television deals to cover her wedding last weekend as a way to make money for her two young sons, she has no further intention to publicize her life. Clifford said the deals ”made a lot of money for her — all of which will go into trusts for her boys,” but right now, the plan is ”to be treated by the medical team, and get everything as good as possible for as long as possible.”

The television deal had been in place since last June and was supposed to last a year, but the end date was pushed up to the wedding last weekend’ once the diagnosis became terminal, Clifford said.

Since Goody’s diagnosis in August, the UK has seen a 20 percent spike in cervical cancer screenings, which Clifford said Goody is happy about. ”She’s said, ‘Hopefully people will learn by my misfortune and will not have to go through what I went through.”’

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